My Spiroo Can Tell Your Doctor When You’re Out Of Breath

TechCrunch zauważył MySpiroo


Asthma sufferers use a tool called a peak flow meter to see how much air is passing out of their lungs. It is useful to assess when flare-ups are happening and what outside allergens or problems might be causing a bronchial flare-up. Until recently, all that was available to take this measurement was a very basic mechanical device. My Spiroo aims to fix that with a connected, ultraportable peak flow meter that connects to your smartphone.

Created by Dr. Lukasz Koltowski and Peter Bajtala, the product is about as big as a traditional mechanical peak flow meter but has a headphone jack to connect to your phone.

„Spiroo is the answer to the problem of excessive time and repetition a traditional peak flow meter requires,” said Bajtala. „It makes it possible to save the results of the measurement on your phone and share them.” That way, rather than noting…

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